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Content Planning Challenge – Prompts!

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Alright, y’all – here are the prompts for the October Content Planning Challenge, hosted by me – mgjbtx! Don’t forget to use the hashtag #mgjbtxchallenge on Instagram so I can see and share your posts!!

Brand prompts are designed to increase your brand awareness, and tell your followers a bit more about who you are.  Project posts are (obviously) designed to highlight your projects, but be creative about showcasing the different stages of project completion.  Networking prompts are designed to create connection – social media is a team sport, and I firmly believe in #communityovercompetition.  And then of course, some ‘Other’ and ‘Just For Fun’ posts to keep it interesting!

Week 1

Oct 1 – Brand.  Introduce your brand!  What’s the story behind your username, or logo? Why did you start creating? What’s something your followers don’t know about you?
Oct 2 – Project.  Share a photo of your current project in progress.
Oct 3 – Network.  Post any photo, or create a text-based image… but ask a question of your followers.  What advice or insight do you want from them?
Oct 4 – Project.  Share a photo of your current project in progress.
Oct 5 – Network AND Project.  Share a project that you want to make one day, and tag the designer.
Oct 6 – Project.  Share a tip, or a resource that you have found helpful.

Week 2

Oct 7 – Other.  Share an inspirational quote, comic or meme related to your brand.
Oct 8 – Project.  Share a photo of your current project in progress, and include something fun about your creating ritual.  Favourite snack? Do you watch movies or listen to music?
Oct 9 – Brand.  Share a day in your life – what does it look like when you’re not creating? OR, what does a day of creation look like? Extra points if you turn this into a fun video.
Oct 10 – Network.  Cross-promote your platforms.  Do you have a blog? An Etsy shop? A Facebook page? Share them here, and grow your audience across platforms.
Oct 11 – Project.  Share an eye-catching photo of your latest project. Why not try a style that you haven’t done before, like a flat lay?
Oct 12 – Network.  Answer a commonly asked question, or offer a tip related to your projects.
Oct 13 – Brand.  Share a discount, promotion, or new product line.  Or if you don’t sell, share a friend’s project.

Week 3

Oct 14 – Project.  Current project in progress.
Oct 15 – Network.  Highlight a helpful tool, product, notion, etc. and don’t forget to tag the brand!
Oct 16 – Project.  Throw back to your favourite project you’ve completed.
Oct 17 – Other.  Share an inspirational quote, comic or meme related to your brand.
Oct 18 – Brand.  Introduce yourself as a maker. What inspires you to create? Try a new style of introduction, like a game of ‘two truths and a lie’, or sharing childhood photos.
Oct 19 – Project.  Share your current project in progress.
Oct 20 – Network.  Do an informal poll in your feed!  Invite followers to comment with emojis (cat or dog person? snow or sun? etc.).  Or, ask for feedback on a project in progress.

Week 4

Oct 21 – Network.  Share a free resource, tip or trick (yours, or another person’s)
Oct 22 – Project.  You know it; share a current project in progress.
Oct 23 – Project.  Share another progress shot OR a favourite project that you’re proud of.
Oct 24 – Brand.  Share a fun fact about you, or your product.
Oct 25 – Other.  Share an inspirational quote, meme or comic related to your brand.
Oct 26 – Project.  Share an eye-catching product photo in a style you haven’t tried before.
Oct 27 – Brand.  Share a behind-the-scenes look into your life; be as transparent as you want.

Week 5

Oct 28 – Brand.  In Case You Missed It – share a blog post, product or something your followers may have missed.
Oct 29 – Network.  Share something you’ve learned along your creative journey.
Oct 30 – Project.  You guessed it – current project progress!
Oct 31 – Other.  It’s Halloween!  Share a photo of something/someone in the community that you’d dress up as.  A fabric collection? A favourite fabric designer? What would your favourite notion look like as a Halloween costume?

Next Steps:

– Start writing out each prompt on your calendar.
– Gather photos for each prompt.  A great best practice is to put a check beside the prompt once you have a photo, so you can see what you still need photos for.
– Draft each post and create a caption.  Highlight the post on your calendar once it is scheduled.
– Don’t forget to engage with other accounts each day – Instagram favours accounts that are actively liking and commenting on other posts!
– Sit back and have some fun!! Remember, social media is all about creating connections within the community.  Enjoy the challenge, and don’t stress over it. 💚

1 thought on “Content Planning Challenge – Prompts!”

  1. Hello, thank you for this challenge – I will jump in and try!!
    Currently trying to set up some scheduling for IG – that part is new to me, as well as using Tailwind… One question that came up for me is about posting frequency – namely, besides posting for the challenge daily, do you recommend any other (random?) posts too? More so, how would this challenge post mix in with other posts. I go from not posting every day to sometimes having several posts a day and this type of inconsistency is what I would like to change…


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