September, 2019 (Life Update)

If you've been around for a while, you'll know that this year has been a bit of an adventure for me.  From health scares (both human and canine; don't worry - everyone is okay!) to having the ceiling in our apartment leaking in five different spots.. this year has had a lot of ups and… Continue reading September, 2019 (Life Update)

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Content Planning Challenge – Prompts!

Alright, y'all - here are the prompts for the October Content Planning Challenge, hosted by me - mgjbtx! Don't forget to use the hashtag #mgjbtxchallenge on Instagram so I can see and share your posts!! Brand prompts are designed to increase your brand awareness, and tell your followers a bit more about who you are. … Continue reading Content Planning Challenge – Prompts!

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Introducing: The Content Planning Challenge

If I could craft my dream job, it would be: running a fabric store (preferably brick & mortar) AND longarming quilts for people AND helping people grow their Instagram presence/online brand.  All three, all at once.  I have zero chill when it comes to dreams, apparently. Since I'm not in a position to start the… Continue reading Introducing: The Content Planning Challenge