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Introducing: The Content Planning Challenge

If I could craft my dream job, it would be: running a fabric store (preferably brick & mortar) AND longarming quilts for people AND helping people grow their Instagram presence/online brand.  All three, all at once.  I have zero chill when it comes to dreams, apparently.

Since I’m not in a position to start the first two, I may as well start working on the last part – helping people grow their brand on Instagram.  And I’m starting with a content planning challenge, because I am totally a sucker for posting challenges.  Having structure around “what to post” often takes away the guesswork (and the panic!) and makes it way easier to post consistently.. which in turn, will help drive traffic.  

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Here’s how it works: 

– Post prompts will be released on September 20th here on my blog, so you can start planning ahead.  The prompts have been designed to be vague enough that anyone can participate, as long as you have some kind of project-based brand on IG.  Expect lots of “in progress” and “behind the scenes” pictures!

– That’s… pretty much it!  I’ll create the prompts, you create and publish the posts.  The challenge will run from October 1 – 31st, and I’ll be sharing tips, tricks and highlights along the way.

My goal for this challenge to inspire people to try something new with their IG brand, and see how it impacts their following and engagement.  Speaking from my own personal experience, it’s easier to post consistently with a bit of structure.  And it saves me from the “omg, I didn’t quilt at all today… what do I post?!” panic.


I’m anticipating these questions, but feel free to reach out if you have a question I haven’t answered! 

Is this only for quilters, or can anyone take part? 
This is for anyone and everyone!  I’m based in the quilting community, so that’s what I’ll be using as examples, but feel free to interpret the post prompts to fit your style!

What happens if I don’t have content for a prompt? 
The prompts are pretty vague, so get creative!  How you interpret the prompts is up to you, and you can put your own spin on them through the captions.  No one is judging anyone here; just be yourself and have some fun!

What if I’m not active on Instagram every day?  This seems like a lot of work. 
It’s true that you get out of it what you put into it when it comes to Instagram.  I use a scheduling app like Tailwind to schedule my posts in advance, and automatically post my content during the peak times each day.  Then, I make a point to carve out 15 minutes every day to engage with other peoples’ posts.

I already post on Instagram every day.  Why should I do this challenge? 
Do it for the funsies!  Who knows, you might get inspired by one or two of the prompts, and find a new way to showcase your brand.  Do it because we’re friends!

What about hashtags, analytics, insights, and all those other Instagram buzz words? 
Since I’m weirdly passionate about social media, I’ll be posting additional info around using hashtags, tracking analytics, etc. so keep an eye on this space!  A couple good best practices before we begin: make sure you have a Business or Creative account on IG so you can view your analytics; record how many followers you have at the start of the challenge; and plan ahead so your posts are ready!

31 days of content seems like a lot! Are you out of your mind? (Got any tips?) 
It IS a lot, but it’s definitely doable.  Plan ahead.  Print out a calendar, write down the prompts, and dedicate time each week to drafting and scheduling posts.  I can’t stress enough that you’ll get out of it what you put into it, so if it is important to you – make it a priority and schedule it in each week!  Don’t beat yourself up if you miss a day or two.. it’s Instagram, not a lifesaving medication.  We’re in this for fun, y’all.

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3 thoughts on “Introducing: The Content Planning Challenge”

  1. This sounds like a fun challenge and I definitely want to jump in! How do I sign up? Can’t find a link or where to click? or do we need to sign up at all? Sorry…might be to early in Monday and I did not have enough coffee…? 🙂


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