Quilt – I Spy

I spy with my little eye… my very first commissioned quilt! 


Fabric: an assortment of prints from my stash
Pattern: Made it up as I went along!
Started: Summer 2018; Finished: Summer 2018


Remember the I Spy books of the mid-90’s? I wanted to do something that would use up fabric from my stash, and that the recipient could be creative with.  The random assortment of prints makes it fun.. and you can play a few games of I Spy while snuggled up!  The recipient is a bubbly, sunshine-y kid whose favourite colour is purple.. so I backed it in a super soft lilac minky, and used a fun yellow polka dot for the binding.

For anyone looking closely – yes; the prints are sideways.  I added the white sashing to increase the size of the quilt and add some space between the prints… and failed to consider that it would increase the width of the quilt, but not the length.  So I ended up with a quilt top that was wider than it was long! Whoops. (That doesn’t make it any less snuggly, though, and they still loved the quilt!)


This quilt was the fifth and final quilt I finished up in 2018.  It felt good to knock the dust off of the sewing machine, use up some fabric from my stash, and make a few people happy with some cuddly quilts.  I still have quite a few projects to finish up, so 2019 will be all about finishing what I’ve started! (Because then I can move on to other projects, right?!)

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