Goals – Week 49

Last week:

  • Clean up the apartment
  • Finish decorating the apartment for the holidays
  • Visit with at least 3 people
  • Get my sleep routine back on track
  • Write 3 blog posts

Ok so maybe I technically cleaned the bathroom this evening while waiting for the bath to fill, and maybe I finished putting the decorations out but the boxes are still cluttering the front entrance.. but this has been a week of Cut Yourself Some Slack™️.

My plans to visit with some people were thwarted due to weather, and while I’d like to say I still made an effort to reach out.. that didn’t happen. I’m really feeling an impact on my emotional energy this year.

This is how I spent 100% of my free time this past week. Michael and I moved the furniture around and spent two full days blitzing through Gears of War 4, and then I finally finished the storyline of FFXV. (I might go back and do more side quests later, but we’ll see). High on the rush of finally finishing a Final Fantasy game, I restarted FFX.. because I got stuck on the second last boss fight like 15 years ago, and haven’t been able to finish the game!!

I go through phases of how I spend my spare time. I actually had to learn how to accept this about myself, because it’s funny how often we judge the way other people spend time. But I’m no less of a person for spending an entire day playing a video game.. because I’m no better of a person when I don’t do that. I am who I am, no matter what I’m doing.

This week I want to:

  • Publish 3 blog posts
  • Train at the gym OR do a mobility session 5 times
  • Finish Christmas shopping
  • Make my blog available to others

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