Why I Started Flying Goose Studio (or, mgjbtx)

My Quilty History

I started sewing when I was a kid. I distinctly remember balancing the desire to play with my mom’s sewing machine against the fear of being alone in the depths of our unfinished basement. (To this day, furnaces still creep me out).

It wasn’t until much later that I actually learned how to quilt. My grandmother on my dad’s side made a quilt for each of us grandchildren, and I was always so enthralled by the amount of detail that went into it. My mom dusted off her own sewing machine and took a quilting class or two with some of her friends… and soon after that, I was bit by the quilting bug, too!

One of my very first quilts! A bright and happy Granny Square.

Over The Years

I started quilting somewhere between 2010–12. I started a couple of quilts for myself, got the bright idea to give rag quilts to all of my bridesmaids for a thank you gift (BIG shout-out to. my mom for finishing the majority of them for me…) and I made a super-cool I Spy baby quilt for my niece. I sewed off and on for a few years, usually pulling out my machine whenever a baby was on the way. I fondly remember discovering quilt bloggers like V & Co., Red Pepper Quilts, and In Color Order.

After we moved from my parents’ house to our one-bedroom apartment, my quilty dreams kind of fizzled out. I didn’t really have a dedicated sewing space, and other things seemed to take up more of my time. But, every so often, someone would announce a pregnancy and I’d clear everything off our tiny table and sew up a quilt.

Awww, remember when I was just starting out on IG?

The Birth Of My Blog/IG

Slowly but surely, I rekindled my love for sewing and creating. Instagram had finally taken off, and I realized there’s an entire quilting community on there! My husband suggested I start a blog as a way to journal everything I make, which quickly also became a dedicated Instagram account.

I was hooked. Wait, that sounds too much like a crochet term. I was… basted? Sure, that works.

January 2019, I started my IG and started quilting on a regular basis. We’re talking permanent-station-set-up-in-the-living-room regular. I became enthralled by the opportunities within the IG quilt community–quilt alongs, pattern testing, the works. Totally, completely basted. I’ve learned a LOT over the past year and a half–some quilting skills, and some life lessons.

My initial shop logo, a monster wrapped in a quilt.

Starting My Etsy Shop

The summer before I started my blog, I was taking photos of a baby quilt down by the river, and a random stranger stopped me to ask if I sold them. I shrugged them off, and said that I prefer to make them as gifts. Little did I know…

I can’t quite pinpoint when or why it happened, but at some point I realized that I could sell my quilts. So I set a shop opening date of August 1, 2019, and started working towards putting together an Etsy shop. My shop started out as a low-key way to help fund my growing hobby–quality quilting fabric is expensive, and I was working on building a stash. As I got deeper into it, my dreams grew… and here we are today.

My new logo, which I’m still smitten with.

The Future of Flying Goose Studio

I love making and selling quilts, but in the interest of transparency, it’s truly not a sustainable business venture for me. Customers don’t always understand the expense and energy that goes into making a quilt, and so it’s hard to turn an actual profit–I won’t exactly be quitting my day job any time soon!

My true goals and dreams are twofold: I want to own and operate an online fabric shop (even better if it turns into a brick and mortar shop!) and I want to own a long arm machine and offer affordable long-arm services. However, both of these dreams are on the back burner until we move to Texas.

For now, I’ll continue making and selling baby quilts. I still enjoy it, and every quilt I sell helps me buy fabric to do other cool things, like donate quilts to local non-profit organizations.

I’ve got a LOT of inventory coming in August to celebrate my one-year shopiversary. Make sure you ‘Favourite’ my shop on Etsy to stay up to date with any new releases, and as always–thank you for your love, encouragement, and support. 💚

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