Mid-Year Progress Update

Earlier this season, I participated in the 100 Day Project and committed to working on only WIPs for 100 days. Anything that already had fabric cut was fair game, and I had around 30+ possible projects to choose from.

What’s Old Is New Again

I am a chronic new-project-starter. I love the feeling of cutting into a fresh stack of fabric, and envisioning what it will look like when (if) it’s finished. Every new project gives me a taste of a new beginning, a way to reset and refresh. The only problem is, I’m running out of space to store my in-progress projects… and I’d really like to have some of them finished, too!

My stack of finished projects!

The experiment was a resounding success! Not only was I able to finish some quilts that had been in-progress for a long time (I spy my very first quilt in this stack…) but I also learned a lot about myself along the way.

I started to realize that I tend to gravitate towards new projects in times of stress. Almost like soothing with comfort food, I found myself reaching for new patterns or stacks of fabric more often when things were going a bit bonkers. And since we were in the midst of pandemic lockdown, things were definitely going bonkers.

I managed to make it 3/4 of the way through before succumbing to the urge to start a new project. I tried to justify it under the guise that “my friend is having a baby soon, so I need to make it now“, but to be honest after I finished the top I abandoned it to the “to be quilted eventually” pile.

A big game-changer for me, though, was out-sourcing all of my quilting to a local long-armer. Wow, what a difference that makes! Plus there’s nothing quite like the texture from an edge-to-edge pantograph.

What’s next?

These next few weeks will be spent working on inventory quilts! I’ll be celebrating my 1-year shopiversary on August 1st, and I’d really like to have more than 2 quilts up for sale! I stocked up on some amazingly gorgeous prints from Art Gallery Fabrics, and I’m looking forward to finishing them up as quickly as I can.

After those are done, well… like I said, I was really eying some new patterns and fabric stacks over the past few months… 😉

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