Sounds To Sew To

To say these are “uncertain times” is an understatement. Businesses are closed, buildings are sitting empty, and we’re all bunkered down in our homes, venturing out only for the “essentials”. Word to the wise? Don’t enter into a pandemic with a pixie cut. But you already know all of that, and I’m not one to rehash current events for a few likes and shares.

Instead, I present a distraction in the form of sounds to sew to:

Quilt Buzz Podcast

Have you heard the news? Amanda of @broadclothstudio, Wendy of @the.weekendquilter, and Anna from @waxandwanestudio have joined forces to bring us a brand new quilty podcast called Quilt Buzz!

What I love most about Quilt Buzz is that they are so inviting, and relatable. Their guest list includes modern quilt designers like Lorna Slessor (@clothandcrescent) and Shannon Fraser (@shannonfraserdesigns), and they allow us to connect with our favourite quilters in a new way.

My Favorite Murder Podcast

I’m only going to say a quick blurb about @myfavoritemurder, because I do recognize that they’re not everyone’s cup of tea. But since MFM was my gateway into podcasts, I felt they deserved to be on this list.

Murder with a side of comedy might not seem like a good idea, but Karen and Georgia make it work. Probably because they’re not so much laughing at anything as they are laughing nervously because that seems like the only way to handle how crazy the world can be. Note: don’t listen if you a) don’t like the subject matter, and b) don’t like when people go off on tangents.

Acoustic Covers Of Your Favourite Songs

Is there anything better than an acoustic cover? Don’t answer that, I don’t want to know. Whenever I’m asked what my favourite music is, “acoustic covers” is usually my go-to answer. There’s something about the way covers present a song in a new light that just… gets me. Search “acoustic covers” on Apple Music, Spotify, YouTube, or anywhere you normally listen to music, and you’ll find some great playlists. I guarantee it.

She Thrives Radio Podcast

So apparently I have a lot of podcasts on this list, but that’s because they’re easy to listen to while you’re sewing!

Taylor Gage of @shethrivesblog offers a bullshit-free approach to health and wellness, especially looking at mindset shifts around food, physical fitness, and how you show up for yourself. She Thrives Radio is my go-to when I need a bit of inspiration, or a reminder of how strong I am (and can be).


Hahaha nope, just kidding – I cannot sew without some form of background noise!

Do you have a favourite podcast, playlist, or show to watch while sewing? Or just while hanging out at home? Let me know in the comments!

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