Quilt – Big Sky Bear

I have such a funny love/hate relationship with this quilt, which is probably why y’all haven’t heard much about it until now.

The pattern was designed by Annie Brady, and you can find it at her website here.

My Big Sky Bear Quilt in the “wild”

I bought the fabric for this quilt last LAST fall (2018), after my local quilt shop posted a photo of their version and I instantly fell in love.  I forced myself to wait until January 2019, after the retail season slowed down… and then managed to finish the entire top during a quilty stay-cation.

This quilt taught me the impact of cutting out all of your pieces ahead of time. Normally, I cut a bit, then get bored and start sewing, and then end up annoyed that I have go back to cutting… so it takes me forever to get a top finished. But with all the pieces cut out at once, this one came together QUICK! It also helps that the pieces are quite large, and they’re relatively simple shapes. Except for the template… we’re just not going to talk about that!


He still doesn’t have eyes, though. Which explains the ‘hate’ relationship. I foolishly didn’t have a scrap of black while I was putting the top together, so I told myself I’d just add the eyes later. And then I basted and quilted it. And now, it has been a year of snuggling with my blind Big Sky Bear, and to be honest… I kind of doubt if he’ll ever get eyes. But that’s just part of his charm (or at least that’s what I’m telling myself!).

I backed this quilt with a caramel-coloured minky, and it has definitely become a favourite in our apartment. At 60″x70″, it’s the perfect size for snuggling!


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