2019 Shop Round-Up

Yesterday was Shop Small Saturday, and as we head into the holiday season it’s important to consider supporting small businesses instead of big box corporations.

Etsy and Shopify are great places to find small businesses, as well as connecting with makers and shop owners on Instagram. I opened up a poll on Instagram a little while ago, and here is a list of awesome people with awesome businesses:

mgjbtx – for baby quilts and teething rings

Catalina Home Grown – for fabric home decor items, like mixing bowl covers and potholders

Holly Grove Threads – for handmade quilts, pouches, and bags

Birdie And Dot Fabrics – for modern quilting and sewing fabric

Blue Crab Quilting – will have quilts for sale

Quilt In Progress – for key fobs, pouches, make-up brush rolls, and more

Hoff Mama Company – for quilts, tote bags, burp cloths, and key fobs

Hillside Stitches – for quilt patterns

CynLou Designs – for placemats. custom quilts, and produce bags

Raw Stitches– for tote bags, pouches, coin purses, bowl cozies, and more

These are only a tiny fraction of the Etsy shops available out there. Do you have a shop of your own, or a favourite shop you like to support? Leave a comment below!

Etsy Round Up

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