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IG Help – Should I Post On Stories, or my Feed?

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What is the difference between posting on Instagram Stories or in my Feed, and which one is better? 

I get asked this question a lot as people are trying to develop their Instagram brand.  Should I post more on Stories, or on my Feed? What should I post where? While there is no right answer, here are some of the things I have found while growing my Insta following and watching others post as well.

Stories are temporary, but your Feed is forever. 

A big benefit to Insta Stories is that they are temporary – they only last 24 hours, unless you save them in a ‘highlight’.  This means that whatever you post in your Stories won’t stick around, making it great for personal posts, or diverting from your regular brand style. Posts on your Feed stick around (unless you delete or archive them), so whatever you post can be seen and revisited by people at any time.  One big downside to Stories, however, is that they likely won’t be seen by people who aren’t following you.. so they’re not the best way to gain new followers.

People tend to engage more with Stories. 

As Instagram evolves, studies* are finding that people engage more with Stories than they do with posts in the Feed. Perhaps this is because Stories have more ways to engage (polls, question boxes, etc.) or maybe it’s because the captions are right there on the photos, instead of below like they are in your Feed. Whatever the reason – if you want people to engage and respond in a particular way – throw the post in your Story.

Getting engagement on your Feed takes a lot of time.  You need to devote attention to developing buy-in with your following, which can be a bit of a long game.. but what I’ve noticed is that engagement begets engagement. The more you engage with other peoples’ posts, the more they will engage with yours!

So what about your Feed?

Is it starting to sound like you should abandon your Feed and only post on your Stories? No way! There’s still so much value to posting on your Feed, especially when it comes to growing your brand.

Since the posts on your Feed last, this is a great place to build an aesthetic.  Experiment with photography styles, colour schemes, etc. until you find a method that works for you! I personally try to only post one project at a time, and stick to a colour scheme related to that project.  That way, my Feed has a cohesive look, but I still have a bit of freedom with what to post.  (This also forces me to finish projects before moving on to too many new ones, which is a great side effect!)

I personally use my Stories to post… whatever I want to!  Current sewing projects that aren’t what I’m posting in my Feed; thoughts and feelings, or what I’m doing at a particular moment; and other ways to engage with my following.  I love to use the Questions feature to ask questions of my following, or invite them to ask me questions – this way, I get some engagement happening.  Another great game to play is to invite people to ‘React’ to a Story post, and then share your favourite image from their Feed.  Free exposure for them, and engagement for you!

Final Thoughts

My biggest piece of advice when considering where to post is to ask yourself “Is this how I want my brand showcased?” – if your account is all about your craft, but you want to share photos of your meal, throw that in your Stories.  And when posting to your Stories… post more than you think you should. One or two posts will get lost in the ruckus, and you might not get your point across the way you intended.

And my final, final thoughts? PLEASE put a text synopsis on a video so that everyone can enjoy it! Lots of IG users don’t watch videos with sound, so if you’re only talking.. they’ll likely just skip past your post without engaging.

Any other IG questions? Drop me an email at mgjbtx at gmail, and let’s chat! 

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