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Catch & Release Project Party!

Last week, I described the lead-up to creating this project and basically got really vulnerable about my summer of imposter syndrome (and also offered zero help, sorry about that. 😂)

Today, though, is the reveal of my Catch & Release project!  Mathew Boudreax, aka Mister Domestic, put a call out for micro-influencers to create projects using his latest fabric line – Catch & Release by Art Gallery Fabrics – and then share our makes!


As soon as I saw sneak peeks of this fabric line on Instagram, I knew I needed to work with it.  Like the name implies, the fabric line features a fish and lake theme, in shades of blue and green with pops of yellow and red.  Landscapes, ladybugs, flowers, and fish.. even a text print that reminds me of “Vacation Rules” signs.

C&R 3 (1)
Ta da! It’s my finished project!  

If you asked me what my strongest childhood memory is, it would without a doubt be spending summers at the lake.  Since my mom was a teacher and had summers off, I never went to summer camp  – my grandparents had a cabin at a nearby lake, so that’s where we would spend our time.  Cousins, friends, aunts and uncles – it wasn’t uncommon for there to be a trailer parked in front of the cabin, a couple of tents pitched in the yard, and people sleeping on any available surface.  (Mind the small picnic table – if one person stands up and sets it off balance, your supper will tip all over you!)

The lake is where I learned to be creative.  My grandmother dabbled in all sorts of crafts and hobbies, and we would spend hours sitting on the deck putting craft kits together, or painting rocks, or cross stitching, or crocheting.  You name it, we did it.  The cousins would be down at the lake, going tubing behind the boat or horsing around in the water, but my happy place was at the cabin in the shade, listening to the wind chimes and doing crafts.

C&R 4
This is not the lake, but it IS the city where I grew up. 

These summers at the lake are FULL of stories.  Like the time I lost control of a kite and chased it down the beach running as fast as I could (and hyperventilating) only to find the kite wrapped around a powerline (NOPE, not touching that!).  Or the time our grandpa took all the kids out in the boat to go tubing, and we ran out of gas.. so we had to paddle back to the closest shore and walk all the way back to the cabin to get some more (did anyone bother listening to me when I suggested we were getting low on gas?!!).  Oh, and the time I *finally* won the argument and got to sleep on the top bunk (without a rail!) but all the adults insisted on still putting a barrier up so I wouldn’t roll off.. so instead, I just kicked the cooler off and everyone came running in the middle of the night? Yep, that was a good time.  😂

C&R 2
Close up! And no, I don’t want to talk about sewing with zippers. 

Of course, as we kids grew older and got summer jobs, or went on different vacations.. our times at the lake slowed down.  Some summers, my mom would send me up with my grandparents to help them out, and I’d happily hang out with them.  We’d listen to Celine Dion CD’s in the van, and I didn’t have to fight anyone for the top bunk anymore.  AND, I could do as many craft projects as I wanted, without having to hang out in the water.

Eventually, though, even I stopped spending summers at the lake.  My grandmother’s health took a turn for the worse, and they ended up selling the cabin.  My grandma passed away from chronic lung disease about 13 years ago, and I’ve re-written this paragraph multiple times because I’m not too sure how else to follow that.  Especially because this next bit is equal parts deeply emotional, and kind of hokey superstition.

I don’t entirely remember how it all started (and I’m sure once my aunt reads this, she’ll let me know!) but ever since my grandmother’s funeral.. we’ve spotted ladybugs hanging around; usually when we’re thinking of my grandma.  I remember playing flute at my cousin’s wedding, and looking down and spotting a ladybug on the sheet music.. things like that.  So of course, the fact that this fabric collection has a ladybug print? It’s perfect.

Mathew, thank you again for inviting me to participate in your project party.  I loved every minute of working with these fabrics.  

2 thoughts on “Catch & Release Project Party!”

  1. I got teared up reading this post. Lots of great memories, also the memories of times at our cabin in Fernie with your family.
    Lady bugs would appear after grandma passed away, especially when we were missing her. Not sure how it all started. She loved lady bugs.


  2. Jocelyn, this post made me cry. I have enjoyed watching you as you created this project because the fabric is so special. You and Grandma spent a lot of time creating projects, you were lucky to have each other.
    As for the ladybugs, she just put ladybugs on lots of the stuff she created. So we associate them with her and see them at times that are special.


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