On Imposter Syndrome

Earlier this year, Mathew Boudreax (aka, Mister Domestic) put a call out on Instagram for micro-influencers (less than 5000 followers on IG) to join a party celebrating his newest fabric line, Catch And Release (Art Gallery Fabrics).  Our task would be to design a project with the fabric, post about it on IG and anywhere else we promote our brand, and basically have an amazing opportunity to learn from a new mentor.  Considering I can’t scroll IG without putting my name up for literally everything (anyone need a pattern tester?!) I obviously threw my name in the hat, and sent in an email.  I really wanted to have this experience!  If I don’t effectively communicate the moral of this blog post by the end, it’s this: put your name out there.  Multiple times.  Squeaky wheels get grease, and grease is a GOOD thing.  So be squeaky, and let your voice be heard.  You might just surprise yourself!! 

C&R Banner
Photo Cred: AGF Website

Okay, back to the story.  😉

Out of 300 makers who also put their names forward.. I was chosen, alongside 29 other amazing artists.  Part of the idea was to stretch our creative limits and try something new – maybe a new technique or a new style, so I offered to do a pillow cover.  Up until now, I’ve stuck predominantly to quilts, probably because the husband has been very vocal about his distaste for throw pillows.  (Spoiler alert: I made a pillow, and he keeps trying to steal it!)

Here’s the thing, y’all.  We had our initial group call, where Mister Domestic was describing the layout of the project party, what to expect, tips and tricks, etc. and all I could think about was “I don’t belong here.. why on earth would he choose me? He wants an amazing project.. I don’t know if I can pull off ‘amazing’!”  It actually got intense enough that I sent him an email to the tune of “I don’t know if you actually meant to choose me, so if you want someone different I understand..”

His response? “Imposter syndrome is real and I get it all the time. Like I don’t feel good enough or unworthy and it’s gross. But then I just focus on my own joy in making stuff and it all goes away. I love the herringbone pillow idea. Often the “simpler” projects I do get the most attention. You got this!!” — Meet your heroes, friends.  They’re amazing.

This is the second moral of the story, btw. 

I have been struggling SO much with imposter syndrome as I grow my brand on IG, and it comes in a couple different forms.  Sometimes, it’s as simple as spending too much time comparing my work to others’, and feeling like my skills are not up to snuff.  Other times, it presents as avoiding doing things I’m passionate about because I assume people will not want to be exposed to it.. they only come to my IG because of the quilt photos.

If you made it this far down the blog and you’re hoping I’ll have some magical answer for curing Imposter Syndrome… no dice, my friend.  But if you’ve been feeling the same way lately, just know that you’re not alone.  Remind yourself of all the hard work it took to get yourself to where you’re at.  And remember that everyone’s journey is so different.

Focus on your own joy in making stuff, because at the end of the day.. that’s what really matters.  💚

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