mgjbtx – Open For Business!

WOW, what a day!  Yesterday was one of those days that really bounce your emotions around, so it was really interesting working through it all.

My day began with wrapping up the last few details – weighing my quilts, getting shipping dimensions, writing listing info, all those last-minute things so I could open my shop.  But before my day truly began…

I dropped an entire bottle of perfume on the floor, and it smashed.  Perfume was EVERYWHERE.  On my pants, splashed up onto the bed, in the laundry, and of course all over the floor.  I had wanted to shake all the crumbs out of the bottom of my bag, and completely forgot that I had put a bottle of perfume in a side pocket.  Sigh.  (In reality, there was far less sighing and far more f-bomb’s.)

But you know what? There was some other bonkers drama that happened yesterday, too, and I don’t remember any of it.  I definitely remember the perfume incident because a) it was a favourite perfume, b) my entire bedroom still smells strongly of patchouli and tonka, and c) it was so heartbreakingly funny, it’ll stick with me for a while.  But the rest of the drama was so insignificant that a day later, it doesn’t matter anymore.

mgjbtx on Etsy, y’all.

My shop is officially, 100% open for business!  After 5-ish months of planning and preparing, I took a deep breath and clicked ‘Open Shop’.

I am nowhere near as ready as I originally planned, and that’s okay.  I opened with 1/3rd of my initial planned inventory, and that’s only for quilts.  I still have plans to add multiple types of products (tag teething blankets, reusable cotton make up wipes, etc.) to have a variety of price points.  But I had set August 1st as my deadline… so I opened, ready or not.

Hitting ‘Open’ and announcing my shop was one of the more vulnerable things I’ve had to do in a while.  Add in all the funny drama from the morning, and it made for quite the emotional rollercoaster throughout the day.  And today is a new day, I have an open shop, and I will continue to create and share in the same unapologetic, transparent way I did two days and two months ago.  And the moment this stops being fun, I won’t do it anymore.  💚


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