mgjbtx – Logo And Banner Reveal!

The past few weeks have been a bit bonkers as I prepare to open up my Etsy store, and continue quilting.  Pretty much all of my free time lately has been spent sewing.

My logo and banner have been designed!  I hired an artist who used to work with me at Lush a few years ago, and working with Michelle was just an absolute dream.  (You can check her out on Instagram here!)

The mgjbtx business logo!

For my business logo, I wanted to go with something fun and whimsical.  My husband regularly calls me “Monster”, so I decided to go with a monster wrapped in a quilt!  Michelle gave me a few sketched options, but as soon as I saw this little one.. I knew it was the one.  (I may have squealed, and there may have been happy tears.  That’s when you know it’s for real!)

Business cards are here!

Michelle also designed a banner for my Etsy store, and for that we wanted to go a bit more sophisticated.  I crave being around trees, and as a child I used to call evergreen/pine trees “Forevergreen Trees”, so I wanted to incorporate pine branches.  We came up with my shop name in a wreath of branches, and this is the image I’m using on the blog and my business cards as well.

I’m getting closer and closer to opening my shop, and this is around the time where I start second-guessing myself and chickening out.  I just need to keep reminding myself that I’m totally capable of doing this, and that it’s going to be a fun adventure no matter what!  (And it’s definitely an adventure!)

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