Mid-Q2 Update!

Roughly one month from tomorrow will be the longest day of the year, and then the days start getting shorter and shorter again in preparation for winter.  Where on earth did this year go?!

Q1 (Jan/Feb/Mar) absolutely flew by, but that’s because I had a lot of personal shit going on that really put a damper on things.  Then I blinked, and April disappeared.. which was probably a good thing in the long run, because Spring is my absolute least favourite season.

And now we’re halfway through Q2.  And I’m really, really happy to say that I’m actually taking some steps forward towards my goals.  Well, at least the goal of opening up a quilting business this summer.  And when I say I’m making steps forward, I really just mean that I finally got some ducks in a row literally today… but hey.  Progress is progress, right?

Things I’ve Accomplished So Far: 

  • Establish my brand values – who am I as a brand, and what do I stand for
  • Buy a computer to run everything from
  • Test a wholecloth quilt to see if this is actually a good idea
  • Order fabric for initial start-up inventory
  • Reach out and have a logo/Etsy cover photo designed
  • Order a sample pack from No Issue Co to test their packaging

Things I Still Need To Accomplish: 

  • Order batting when it goes on sale!
  • Set up Etsy site with new logo and cover photo
  • Learn how to take appealing photos of quilts, and actually take the photos
  • Come up with template for product descriptions
  • Write up ‘About Me’ section for shop; try not to use a thousand exclamation points
  • Take personal photo shoot for social media branding purposes
  • Create print media to include with orders
  • Decide on rest of opening inventory, order supplies, and create it
  • … And of course, finish creating my actual opening inventory so I have products to list when the time comes!!

I’ve set a personal goal of opening by August 1st 2019 – that way, my day job won’t be in full crazy mode just yet, but I still have the majority of the summer to prepare.  And by the sounds of it – I’ll need all the time I can get!

If you made it this far, and if you’re still interested – my personal project list is going great!  I’ve started a lot of projects over the past few weeks, so I really need to focus on finishing them up before I start any more.. like you know, all of the opening inventory quilts that I’ll be making over the next few months…

Happy spring, friends! I hope wherever you are, the weather is exactly how you like it.  Not too hot, not too cold.. juuuust right.

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