Quilt – Baby #1 2018

Did anyone notice that I completely skipped over “Baby #1” when I started posting last fall?  I posted the quilts made for babies #2 and #3, but wasn’t quite sure if I had photos of the quilt for Baby #1 when I started the blog.  Turns out, I did manage to snap a couple photos, so I can finally share them.


Fabric: A random assortment of batiks and celestial-themed prints
Pattern: Inspired by Pinterest
Started/Finished: December 2017/January 2018


I’m a huge fan of completely gender-neutral quilts for babies, and this quilt is by far one of my favourite finishes.  (I’m actually planning on doing an adult-sized version for myself!)

When I was a pre-teen, my bedroom was the same shade of blue as the back of this quilt, and we decorated with bright yellow accents. I even had glow-in-the-dark glittery stars painted on the walls!  My mom sewed custom curtains for my room, and we used shower curtain hooks shaped like stars to hold the curtains up.  My celestial-themed room was by far the favourite way I decorated my room.. and I’ll never forget the amount of primer it took to switch it back to white before we moved!


This quilt was gifted to a family at my CrossFit gym, and it has been well-loved.  I’ve gotten a few photos of their little one snuggled up.  It’s heart-warming to know that a quilt I’ve created is being used and loved! People think I’m a bit crazy for making quilts for people at my gym, but that’s the magic of a CrossFit community.  You become pretty close with people when you sweat and suffer together!

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