Quilt – From The Ground Up

Babies are a fantastic reason to make a quilt.  Who doesn’t love snuggling a baby wrapped in a cozy blanket?  And it doesn’t matter if your piecing isn’t perfect – the baby isn’t going to mind, and the quilt will be washed so many times that it all works itself out anyway.

IMG_1743Fabric: From The Ground Up by Viv Eisner for Wilmington Prints
Pattern: Quilt Kit from Fat Quarter Shop
Started/Finished: 2016

I had always dabbled in sewing and creative arts, but I started officially quilting when my brother and sister-in-law had their first baby.  And of course when they had their second baby, I needed to make another.  And when other people in my life have babies… you better believe I bust out that sewing machine and make them a quilt!! Honestly, making baby quilts has pulled me out of quite a few crafting droughts.

This quilt was made for my nephew.  It’s an incredibly simple design using a panel and a kit, so it was really fast to put together.  I wanted something that could be interactive for his older sister to play with as well, and I love that you can use the center panel as a road for playing with cars!  Anyone else remember those play mats from the 90’s?

Hopefully I’ll have some photos of new projects to post soon, but until then.. enjoy this walk down memory lane that I’ve been doing lately!!

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