Commission Work – 2019

This information will very, very likely change as things in my life progress, but for now… if you’re interested in having me make a quilt for you, here are the details.

I obviously love making quilts.  It’s how I spend my free time, and when I’m not actively quilting, I’m thinking about it.  Scrolling Instagram and Pinterest, planning out projects, petting fabric… I’m in it deep.  But I’m quickly realizing that my house can only hold so many quilts, even though I plan to rotate them seasonally.  So to keep up my creative outlet, I’m opening myself up to the possibility of doing commission work.

My first commissioned work – an I Spy quilt for a good friend. 

I’m currently in the process of establishing an online small business to sell quilts I’ve already created, and through this business I may establish more ground rules for commissions.  But until this venture is fully up and running…

  • You pay for the materials.  I’ll supply the sundries (thread, rotary cutter blades, sewing machine, cutting mat, etc.) but I won’t be buying your fabric for you.
    • I will, however, help you determine how much fabric you need, and order the fabric for you.  I won’t leave you to figure it out for yourself!
    • Be reasonable about size.  A throw size quilt is a decent size to snuggle with for one person; we don’t have to go crazy with a Queen sized quilt!
  • Don’t put me on a deadline unless we extensively discuss it first.  Listen, I have ADD and I balance multiple projects at once.  I might get bored of your quilt and move on to something else for a week or so.  Or life might get in the way.  These things take time.
    • I won’t abandon your project, though.  I will finish it in a timely manner so you’re able to start snuggling it right away!
  • Chip in whatever you want for labour (or a return in kind), and don’t underestimate my efforts.
    • Blood, sweat, tears, and a lot of burned fingertips go into making a quilt.  Sewing is a creative outlet for me, but a quilt can easily be 30+ hours of work, so even less than minimum wage would still be pricy.

One year ago, random people in the park were telling me I should sell my quilts.  I resisted the idea, thinking that I could never justify charging people for my work.  And right now, I still can’t justify charging people for the true cost of the labour and skill that goes into creating a quilt.  But I can offer to do the design and assembly so that other people can enjoy a soft, snuggly quilt in the same way that I do.

If you’re interested in commissioning a quilt off of me, reach out!  If you’re not sure how to reach out.. chances are, you’ll have to wait until I announce my business and accept custom requests that way.  😉

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