Quilt – Four Patch Slice

2019 is all about finishing up projects I’ve had sitting around for a while, and my Four Patch Slice quilt was definitely high on the list.

This quilt started out as a charm pack of fabric I thought was kind of cool, but soon realized I didn’t buy enough material to actually DO anything with.  Whoops.  Enter the Four Patch Slice tutorial by Lindsey M. Weight (formerly of Inspiring Creations, now of Primrose Cottage Quilts).

But really, is there anything cuter than a rolled up quilt?? 

Fabric: Sphere by Zen Chic for Moda
Pattern: Four Patch Slice tutorial
Started: forever ago; Finished: April 2019

Yes, shortly after I took this photo it fell off the railing.  Luckily not into the water! 
I am 100% here for this quilty texture.. 

This quilt became a gift for a great friend of mine who fell in love with it the first time I posted progress shots on Instagram.  I sincerely enjoy brightening peoples’ days through fabric… and I know this quilt is going to get a lot of love!


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