A Lesson In Patience

… that I really didn’t want to have!

My first project of 2019 was my Big Sky Bear quilt. I chose the fabrics back in the fall, and have been eagerly waiting for January so I could start working on it. I even took down the Christmas tree on the 31st just so I could have my sewing space back! (We usually just leave it up until we get sick of looking at it..)

I don’t normally use a pattern, so this was a bit of a new experience for me. And I wanted to do it right. So I cut out all of the fabric at once. I pieced it all according to the directions. And wouldn’t you know it.. it came together FAST! Maybe because the blocks are pretty huge, but there’s something to be said for doing each step only once. Normally I would cut fabric until I didn’t feel like cutting anymore.. piece a few blocks.. cut more when I need to.. and now we know why I have so many WIP’s!

There were so many times during this quilt that I wanted to take a short cut, to just say “eff it, good enough” and keep going. But I don’t want a “good enough” quilt. I want a great quilt! And most of the time, this worked out in my favour. Until I got to the templates.

Yep. That doesn’t line up. 

I’m not sure how. I’m not sure why. But that template piece.. the light brown and white on the left? That piece gave me SO MUCH GRIEF. I actually had to stop and take a time-out, or else I was going to get frustrated.

So I did. I took a time out, ate a snack, and then told myself that if I didn’t figure it out in the next 30 min, I was going to work with whatever I had and move on. And I got it to work!! *happy dance*

So there you have it. A lesson in patience that I really didn’t want to have.. but will probably make me a better quilter in the long run. And I just won’t have my mom print off templates for me anymore!

[Full vulnerability: this post has been stuck in my ‘Drafts’ folder since January, likely because I was waiting to upload the photo.  It’s now April, and this quilt is not only finished, it has become a household favourite.  So I’ll post the updated progress photos in another post soon!]

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