2019 – Quarter 2 Check In!

HOW is it April already?!  And not even April, but halfway through the month!! I have no idea where the year has gone.. but looking at my project list, I suppose it’s because I’ve been more than a little busy.

Since we’re already into the second quarter of 2019, I figured I would revisit my project list and see what kind of progress I’ve made:

My 2019 Project List:

  • Summer Song – Churn Dash*  [Finished! Waiting for a trip to TX to be delivered]
  • I Love Puppies – Arrow*
  • Sphere – Slice* [Finished, and delivered!]
  • HST Sampler* [Finished the top, waiting for backing]
  • Big Sky Bear [Finished, and already a favourite]
  • Christmas Snowball
  • Sewology* (BOM) [Finished January/February]
  • Christmas Stockings
  • Harry Potter – Triangle Peaks* [Half finished..]
  • Holiday Jelly Roll Race [Finished the top, waiting for backing]
  • Harmony Farm – D9P
  • Pirate’s Life – D9P
  • Starry Night*
  • 2019 Temperature – Flying Geese* [Finished January, February and March]
  • Quilter’s Planner* (BOM) [Finished January, February and March]
  • Holiday Flourish – Irish Chain
  • Birthday Celebration* table runner

And of course, why would I finish the projects on my list before adding NEW projects?!

  • I Heart You* (Sew Along)
  • Wiggly Whimsy
  • Bloom Where You’re Planted*
  • Picnic Blanket
  • Arctic*
  • Ivy League Dot Dot Dash
  • Modern Aztec* [Finished top]
  • Expanding Stars (Sew Along)
  • Snake Skin* [Finished top]
  • Meadlowland* (Sew Along) [Finished top]
  • Paradigm Shift
  • Jaybird – White Stars
  • Jaybird – Boxed In

*Current work in progress.

And these are only my planned projects!  This doesn’t even count all the fabric I have in my stash that is just waiting for the perfect pattern.   No wonder I haven’t had much time for blog posting…

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