Quilt – Baby #3 2018

This was easily my “least favourite to put together but most favourite once it was done” quilt of the year.  Remind me of this quilt the next time I decide to piece with minky fabric.


Fabric: a variety of fat quarters and minky fabric from the local shop
Pattern: something I saw at the local shop and figured I could recreate
Started: Summer 2018; Finished: Summer 2018

img_6342Each one of the little four-square patches lined up SO well.  I was incredibly proud of myself.  And then the minky came in and threw everything out of whack.  I ripped out so many seams on this quilt.. but the end result is still fantastic.

Isn’t that just how life goes, though?  One moment you think everything is working out in your favour.. and then the next moment, the Universe comes along and reminds you who is in charge.  I’ve learned my lesson about saying “Gee, things are going pretty great right now!”

img_6345This amazingly soft quilt was a gift for a coworker and friend.  I wanted to create something feminine, but not girly.  And the dandelion minky is a nod to the fact that wishes sometimes do come true.  The dinosaur-themed flannel added the perfect touch of nerd.

A lot of boy bands, cussing, nerdy movies, and excitement went into making this quilt, so I can only imagine what it will infuse on that baby as it keeps her warm.

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