Quilt – Granny Square

This quilt was part of the inspiration behind setting a goal to finish 5 quilts in 2018. As one of my first projects, I wanted to do something that would represent my personality: colourful, vibrant, and a little all over the place.


Fabric: Happy Tones by Michael Miller, Good Morning by Me And My Sister Designs
Pattern: Granny Square
Started: let’s not talk about it; Finished: Summer 2018

img_6442True story: when I was a kid, I drew inspiration for my bedroom decor from a tiny scrap of wrapping paper.  It had little yellow, pink and purple tulips all over it.. and I just loved the cheery brightness of the colours.  So, my mom found a stencil and spent hours painting a border around my wall (what was it with the 90’s and borders??).  All the other accent pieces in my room were shades of yellow, purple, and teal.  Quite the colour combination!

I think this quilt was my way of bringing that decor back into my life, with a more modern twist.  I love how the classic granny square pattern is off-set by the vibrant colours and crazy fabric.  (And I still have a lot of 2.5″ squares in my stash, so I’m sure we’ll be seeing these colours come up in future projects as well!)

img_6446What took me so long to finish this quilt?  Getting it quilted!  I wanted it long-arm quilted with a flower pattern to mimic the flowers in some of the prints.. but I had no idea how to find a quilter, how much it would cost, etc. So it sat unfinished in my stash for.. about 5 years? But the end result was well worth the wait (and we won’t talk about me trying to take it in to be quilted while stoned out of my mind on Ativan since I had been at the dentist earlier in the day..).


It might not be perfect, but it’s mine.. and it’s perfectly snuggly just how it is. And really, that’s all that matters in a quilt!

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